Intel's Quantum computer at CES 2018

Some people think that the point of singularity is not possible without quantum computers. For example Mr. Roger Penrose thinks there would be quantum processes in the

We remember the Canadian company D-wave, which claims to have created a quantum computer with Google (even if we are still wondering whether it is really quantum)

But Intel allows itself to take over with its Quantum processors 7, 17 and 49 qubits. The qubit is a bit that can have multiple simultaneous states.

What is interesting with 49 qubit is that we approach or the threshold where it becomes difficult or impossible to simulate this. In parallel Intel, a processor based on what is called neuromorphic computing, architecture more or less inspired by the brain. This component itself in itself and perhaps even ask the question of whether it is the latter component that is the most contributive in performance ... Let's move on. I tell myself that Intel may be overshadowing its quantum processor also to cut the grass under NVidia's feet, but the future will tell.

In any case, now Intel is present in the course and must be taken seriously.

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